Gold plated frogs rest on lilypads made of
Yellow jade eggs float among watery blue
picasso beads.
18" with a 4" extender
$70  #018
Dichroic glass pendants change colors like
an octopus................
Rich hues of BROWN to PURPLE
make this a very sophiscated necklace
18"with a 4" extender
$75 #016
Handmade cobalt blue lampwork beads are draped by
silver chards.
Organic tendrils make this a unique necklace.
16" with 4" extender
$85 #031
Bold color in this PINK dichroic glass
pendant  necklace.
the glass changes to a gold-green hue.
18" with a 4" extender
$65  #057
Organic, asymmetrical dichroic glass
pendants reflect depth
and octopus changing colors.
18" long
$70 #007
Vintage leaves and organic pearls
compliment each other in the year round
18" long
$48  #024
Vintage glow beads and pearlescent
hand-cut shell beads compliment this Asian
inspired necklace.
17" with a 4" extender
$45  #034
yes, my favorite marshmallow necklace!
Vintage beads, interspersed with glow
16" with a 4" extender
$45  #008
Vintage apple green paper beads
dangle capped in copper and surrounded by
rich jewel-toned
contemporary rubber beads.
18" with 4" extender
$48  #046
Adorable elephants walk calmly thru
ochre boulders of vintage beads.
Jade opal Swarovski beads compliment this
savanna encounter.
18" with the cutest elephant clasp!
$48  #054
Dichroic glass pendants reminiscent of
prehistoric trilobites are paired with natural
pearls in warm earth tones.
17" with a 4" extender
$82  #042
Vibrant mottled purple translucent beads paired with beautiful cut glass
champagne beads with a peacock stripe.  Amethyst Picasso beads complete this long beauty.
21 1/2" with a 4" extender
$40  #173
*Necklace length may be shortened
or lengthened for a flat $5 fee.